Horse Sheds

            Thanks for your interest in our sheds. You will notice below how Country Boy combines the finest materials and quality craftsmanship to make the toughest shed in the industry. 
2 ½” Steel tube with 1/8” wall thickness frame work
Tubing frame work welded into a solid unit, no nails or staples to pull out as the wood softens up in a couple of years
Tow hook skid plates welded into each corner to facilitate moving it and to anchor it down.
No exposed wood for the animals to chew.
The 29 gauge roof and side sheets are screwed into the metal with self drilling and tapping screws with neoprene washers. The sheeting is first galvanized and then a paint of your color choice is applied over top of it.
The kickboard option is constructed of ¾” fir plywood. If an animal kicks it, it spreads the shock out over a greater area. If you have a 1” x 6” board that the animal is kicking against the 6” width must take all the shock and is more likely to break. There is metal edging on all the exposed corners so the animals can’t chew it.
Roof is rated at 40 # snow load with purlins on 21” centers.
All the above construction details make for a very tough shed.
Don’t be disappointed buy the best.
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Enclosed Sheds

·  Steel frame shed so horses can’t chew it.
·  Delivered ready to use or in do it yourself kits
    Will Custom build to your specs
Run in Shed