ABOUT Country Boy MFG

Starting about mid 1970 Samuel Musser saw a need for an outside of the box type of manufacturing shop that would be able to design, and build custom parts, the shop originially started at his farm shop, using the little amount of tools he had, and continued to grow the business from ground up until somewhere In 1980 Country Boy MFG was established at the same location it is located today, And continues to grow and flourish using the key principals it was founded upon. Those key features are
 Quality work at an affordable price
 Timely order processing
 Going the extra mile to make shure the customer is happy
 Offer a variety of services
  company achivements, and abilities:​
  • over 30 years of serving the community 
  • Cad design capabilities
  • Laser cutter in shop
  • An attention to detail work force
  • serving the customer to the best of our ability
  • Custom Mezzanines
  • steel stairs
  • Aluminum welding
  • tig welding
  • Stainless welding
  • AR400 plate